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Telangana Aasara Pension 2024: How to Apply, Eligibility, Amount

TS Aasara Pension Status:

“Aasara means ‘support.’ The Telangana government offers support to people who can’t work due to illness or other reasons, leaving them unable to earn money for their families. This article discusses the Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme for 2024, explaining how people can apply for it.”Niramaya Health Insurance Scheme

Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme 2024

Back in 2014, the leader of Telangana started a Scheme called Aasara pension. It gives money every month to different people like widows and those with HIV. This helps them support their families and be happy. Now, they’ve made this plan better by giving more money to everyone in the scheme. So, those who are sick won’t have to worry about going to work anymore.RTE Telangana Admission 2024-25

Details Of TS Aasara Pension 2024

NameAasara Pension Scheme
Launched byChief Minister of Telangana State
Launched Date28th May 2019
BeneficiariesCitizen of the State
ObjectiveProviding Financial Support on Monthly Basis
Official Websitehttp://www.aasara.telangana.gov.in
PM Modi Yojana 2024

Benefits Of Telangana Aasara Pension

The Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme 2024 gives money to people who need it. Lots of folks in our country are too sick to work. This scheme helps them take care of their families without working outside. TS Aasara Pension has many good things for the people it helps.

Socio Economic Criteria

People from certain households can’t get social security money if their homes meet these conditions:

  • People who own cars or trucks, or any big vehicle
  • Already getting money from another government program or as a freedom fighter
  • Running a big business
  • Have kids who are doctors, builders, experts, or work for themselves
  • Other things that show the officer if the family shouldn’t get help, like how they live or what they do
  • Own more than 3 acres of wet or irrigated land, or 7.5 acres of dry land
  • Have kids who work for the government, companies, or on contracts

If your family fits these rules and you’re old enough, you might get money each month. But, only if you’re not on the “no-money” list.

  • Ancient and at-risk tribes.
  • Families led by women with no one else to earn money.
  • Are there people with disabilities in the households?
  • Only one family member can get a pension for being disabled or a widow.
  • People without a home.
  • Families living in temporary places like shacks, especially in cities.
  • Families led by widows, sick people, disabled people, or seniors with no money.
  • People who work on farms but don’t own land.
  • People in rural areas who make things by hand.
  • People living in poor city areas.
  • People who make money informally, day by day.
  • And others like them.

Identification Of Eligible Persons

  • In Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme, In rural areas, the application goes to the gram panchayat secretary or village revenue officer, and in cities, it goes to the bill collector. These people check and approve the applications.
  • Officials like the Mandal Parishad Development Officer, municipal commissioner, deputy or zonal commissioner go through the applications and decide if they meet the rules. They then approve the pensions accordingly.
  • When deciding who gets pensions, they consider things like household surveys, population data, and the number of old age widows and disabled people in each area. They also make sure different groups like scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, and backward class are treated fairly.
  • If someone lies to get a pension, they’ll be in trouble and have to pay the money back.

Objective Of TS Aasara Pension 2024

TS Aasara Pension 2024 wants to help old folks, disabled people, those with HIV, and single women. They get money so they don’t have to work and can help their families. This makes their lives better and raises their living standards.

Administration Of Pension

  • All local leaders, administrative heads, and a special agency will work together to make sure this plan happens online.
  • A very strict plan is needed for any changes to the database or how things are done, and only the government can say how.
  • We will make sure your information stays safe.
  • Only changes that the government agrees to will be allowed after they say yes.
  • The people who make the software can only change it if the government says it’s okay in writing.
  • You can see reports about how things are going on the official website, and everyone can look at them.
  • To make sure the TS Aasara pensions happen, we can spend up to 3% of the money on managing everything.

Revised Pension Amount

Telangana’s government made changes to TS Aasara Pension 2024 and started it. Now, people who get this pension will get more money. Here’s how much they’ll get:

Beneficiary Category  Old AmountRevised Amount
Disable Persons10003000
Single Female10002000
Beedi Labourers10002000
Filaria Patients10002000
HIV Patients10002000
Old Age Pension10002000
Disabled Person10002000

Eligibility Criteria of Telangana Aasara Pension

Various rules have been decided for different kinds of people who can get help from the Telangana Aasara pension in 2020.

For Old Age-
  • People who can get this pension must be 65 years or older.
  • To apply,Telangana Aasara pension, a person must be part of certain tribal groups that are very old and at risk.
  • Only one person in a family can get this money. It’s better if it’s a woman.
  • People who work on farms but don’t own land, people who make things by hand in villages, people who live in poor parts of cities, and people who work each day for money doing things like carrying things, pulling carts, selling things like fruit or flowers, playing with snakes, collecting things from the trash, fixing shoes, or have no money and are like beggars can get this money. It doesn’t matter if they live in the city or in the countryside.
  • People who have no home and live in places that are not permanent, like huts, especially in cities, can also get this money.
  • People who have no husband or wife anymore, or who are very sick, or who can’t move well because they are old and have no way to get money or help from others can also get this money.
For Widow-
  • The widow must be at least 18 years old.
  • The person applying must be from ancient and at-risk tribal communities.
For Weavers-
  • The weaver needs to be older than 50.
  • The person applying must be from ancient tribes that need extra help.
  • Only one person per family can get pension money.
  • The person must weave things for a living, whether they live in the city or countryside.
For Toddy Tappers-
  • The person applying must be older than 50.
  • They must be from special tribes.
  • They need to tap toddy for work, whether they live in the city or countryside.
  • We have to check if they’re in the toddy tappers’ group to give them a pension.
For Disabled Person-
  • Anyone, no matter how old, can sign up for the plan.
  • The one who wants to join should be part of ancient tribes that need extra care and protection.

Required Documents of Telangana Aasara Pension

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Address Proof
  • Income Certificate
  • Proof of age
  • Death Certificate in case of a widow
  • Xerox copy of registration in the Cooperative society of Toddy Tappers.
  • Weavers should submit a Xerox copy of registration in the Co-operatives society of weavers.
  • SADAREM Certificate in the case of persons with disabilities 40% or above and 51% in respect to the hearing impaired.
  • Bank Account Passbook
  • Post Office Saving Account
  • IFSC Code
  • Photograph
  • Mobile Number

Offline Application Process of TS Aasara Pension 2024

If you want to have fun with this plan, you need to follow these steps:

  • Tap the link provided.
  • Get the form.
  • Fill it out.
  • Add your papers.
  • Hand in your form to the person in charge where you live. If you’re in a rural place, it’s the Gram Panchayat Secretary or Village Revenue Officer. If you’re in a city, it’s the Bill Collector.

TS Aasara Pension 2024 Online Apply

  • First, visit the Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation’s official website.
  • On the homepage, find the “online application” section and choose the “pension application” option
  • Complete the application form with all needed information.
  • Upload essential documents such as your Aadhaar card, FSC card, bank account passbook, property tax receipt, and a self-declaration.
  • Click the submit button to send the application.

Checking Status of Telangana Aasara Pension Online

To see how your application form is doing, just follow these easy steps:

  • Go to the homepage and click on “Search Beneficiary Details.
  • Type in your Application Number, District, Panchayat, and other needed information.
  • Press the search button.

Procedure To Search Pensioner Detail

  • Go to the Aasara, Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty’s official website.
  • On the homepage, find and click on the “quick search” option.
  • This will bring up the “Search Pensioner Details” option.
  • Click on that, and a new page will open where you need to enter the required information.
    • Pensioner ID/ SADAREM ID
    • District
    • Mandal
    • Panchayat
    • Name
    • Head of The Family
  • Click the search button and see the info open up on the screen.

Sanction Of Pension Amount And Issue Of Pension Card

  • Review the recommendation report and match it with the SKS survey info.
  • Find the neediest people from the confirmed list, covering all groups.
  • We’ll make sure everyone who should get help gets it.
  • Then, we’ll put the info into the Aasara software.
  • We’ll also give the info to the district collector.
  • Once the district collector OKs everything, we’ll give pension cards to the right people, with their photos on.
  • The village council has to keep track of who’s already getting pensions and who should but isn’t.

Aadhaar Seeding Under TS Aasara Pension 2024

Payments will happen using your fingerprints, but only if certain rules are met.

  • Beneficiaries can get their Aadhar number quickly so they can use it for fingerprint or iris scanning for payments.
  • If they don’t have an Aadhar number, local authorities will help them get one.
  • If someone is too sick to move, a gram panchayat secretary or bill collector can use their own fingerprints to give them money.AICTE PG Scholarship 2024

Release Of Amount For Disbursal Of Pension

The person in charge will send the chosen person’s information to SERP. Then, SERP will give money to the districts to give to the chosen person.

  • Acquittances and proceedings will be created by a computer program in each state.
  • These will then be put on the internet so that the district collector can approve them through the project director.
  • The project director will get approval from the district collector on paper and then upload the document to the Aasara software.
  • After this, a report on transferring funds will be made by SERP.
  • The MPDOs/tahsildars will download the acquittances from their own special login and print them out to give to the agencies who will hand out the money.
  • Then, the money will be given out at the local level by a customer service provider.
  • The MPDOs/tahsildars will get back the signed acquittances.
  • If there are any changes in the pensioners’ information, the customer service provider, branch postmaster, gram panchayat, and secretary will report it every month.

Disbursal Of Pension

  • The old person needs a bank account to get their pension money.
  • If there’s an ATM in Windows town, pension money will go to the bank account of the old folks, and they can take it out with their ATM cards.
  • In villages where there’s a bank or a post office, pension money will go there, and people can take it out using fingerprint verification.
  • Every old person needs to sign up with the fingerprint machine.
  • Pension money should be given out in a public place whenever possible.

Disbursement Cycle Under Telangana Aasara Pension

Disbursement of pension1st to 7th of every month
Sharing of disbursement data through biometric/IRIS authentication to SSP Server by the pension disbursing agencyDirect hitting on real time basis
Return of the signed acquaintance by the pension disbursing agency to the MPDO/Municipal commissioner9th of every month
Remittance of the undisbursed amount from pension disbursing agency directly to state nodal account9th of every month
Generation of acquittances for the subsequent month16th to 21st of every month
Approval of preceding by district collector22nd or 23rd of every month
Request for fund transfer by project director, DRDA on securing the approval of district collector22nd or 23rd of every month
Approval of fund transfer request by the SERP after securing the approval of district collector23rd or 24th of every month
Funds for disbursement of pension to be reached to the concerned PDAs from the SNA25th of every month

Procedure to Get TS Aasara Self Declaration Certificate

  • First, go to the Telangana Aasara Pension‘s official website .
  • The homepage will appear.
  • On the homepage, click on “Pension Application” under the “Online Application” section.
  • Click to download the self-declaration form.
  • The form will download.
  • Print the form and fill it out.

Procedure To Do Pension Eligibility Criteria

  • First, visit the Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation’s official website.
  • The homepage will appear.
  • On the homepage, click on “Pension Application” in the “Online Application” section.
  • Next, click on “Pension Eligibility Criteria.”
  • A new page will load.
  • On this page, you will see a PDF file.
  • Open the PDF file to check the pension eligibility criteria.

Your Pension Dashboard

  • Visit the Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation’s official website.
  • The home page will load.
  • Click on “Pension Application” in the online application section.
  • Next, click on the “Pension Dashboard.”
  • A new page will open.
  • You can see the pension dashboard on this page.

Do Pension Enquiry

  • Go to the official website of the Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation.
  • You will see the home page.
  • Click on the pension application in the online application section.
  • Then, click on pension enquiry.
  • After that, enter your house number or e-Aadhar number.
  • Next, click “show.”
  • The information you need will appear on your screen.

View Pensions RI/BC Wise

  • Visit the official website of the Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation.
  • The home page will appear.
  • Click on the pension application link in the online application section.
  • Then, choose the pension RI/BC option.
  • Click this link, and a new page will show up on your screen.
  • On this page, you can see the information you need.

Login On The Portal

  • Visit the Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation’s official website.
  • The home page will appear.
  • On the home page, click on “Pension Application” in the online application section.
  • Click on “Login.”
  • Choose your designation.
  • Enter your username, password, and the captcha code.
  • Click “Login.”
  • You will now be logged into the portal.
Helpline Number

For any query, you can contact on toll-free number 18004251980 or call center number 08702500781.

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