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Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme 2024: TS Double Bedroom Scheme List Check

Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme:

The Telangana 2 BHK housing Scheme, called the “Dignity Housing Scheme,” started in 2015 to help poor people get homes. At first, there were many problems, but now the project is moving forward and plans to provide homes for 572,000 low-income families in the state by 2024.

People who want a two-bedroom home in Telangana can apply online through the official website 2bhk.telangana.gov.in. Below, you will find detailed information about the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme, including its key points, goals, eligibility, services offered, construction style, subsidies, the application process, and more.

About Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme

The government promised to give all homeless and low-income families in the state two-bedroom homes through the 2BHK housing program. Each home will have two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and two bathrooms. The District Collectors and the Commissioner of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation have given the following instructions to start the Scheme.RTE Telangana Admission 2024-25

Telangana Double Bedroom Housing Scheme Details

NameTelangana 2BHK Housing Scheme
Introduced byTelangana government’s
ObjectiveTo provide qualified applicants with affordable 2 BHK residences.
Official websitehttps://tshousing.cgg.gov.in/ 
PM Modi Yojana 2024

TS 2BHK Housing Scheme Objectives

The Telangana government’s main Scheme, the 2 BHK Housing Scheme, helps eligible people in the state get affordable 2-bedroom homes.

Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme Eligibility Criteria

  • To qualify, the family must be very poor and have a Food Security Card with the name of the person or their spouse (if they are a widow, widower, or physically disabled) and a number.
  • Families without a house or those living in huts, temporary homes, or rented places are eligible.
  • The house will be approved in the name of the family’s housewife.
  • Beneficiaries will be chosen in each Assembly Constituency based on the available eligible SC/ST/Minorities, maintaining this composition for the whole district.

Units Priced under the 2BHK Scheme

The overall cost is high because the state is planning to develop essential infrastructure. The project’s total estimated cost is Rs 18,000 crores, and Rs 3,230 crores has already been approved. The state has asked the central government to help with infrastructure development, including water supply, electricity, roads, and drainage systems. Additionally, the state wants power connections through the Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana-Saubhagya program, which would make electricity bills much cheaper for the beneficiaries.

S No.AreaUnit cost with infrastructureUnit cost without infrastructure
1Rural5.04 lakhs1.25 lakhs6.29 lakhs5.04 lakhs
2Urban5.3 lakhs75,0006.05 lakhs5.3 lakhs
3GHMC up to G+37 lakhs75,0007.75 lakhs7 lakhs
GHMC C+S+97.9 lakhs75,0008.65 lakhs7.9 lakhs

Services provided by the Telangana 2 BHK Housing Scheme

The 430-square-foot apartments will have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a hallway, and a kitchen. They will also have two lofts for storage. The complex will include roads inside, drainage systems, and sewage pipes, plus connections for electricity and water. Electricity will be provided under the Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana-Saubhagya Scheme.

Reservations for the 2-Bedroom Housing Scheme

These apartments keep 5% of their space for people with disabilities. In cities, there are also special spots: 17% for Scheduled Castes (SCs), 6% for Scheduled Tribes (STs), 12% for minorities, and 65% for everyone else. In villages, 50% of the homes are for SCs and STs, 7% for minorities, and 43% for others.

Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme Construction Pattern

  • The leader of the area must pick the best government land near the village or town to build houses. If there’s space, they should plan where the houses will go.
  • In the countryside, each house should have its own plot of land, about the size of 125 square yards.
  • In some important village areas, houses can be built with one or two floors, depending on how much land there is.
  • In big cities like Hyderabad, the leaders will decide how tall the houses can be, based on the land available.
  • For places close to the main village office, certain rules from a document called G.O.Ms. 1493 dt1.12.2007 can be followed to decide where to build houses.
  • When apartments are built with one or two floors, people will be assigned homes using a method called lots. Families with physical challenges should get homes on the ground floor.

Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme Design

  • Each house will have two bedrooms, a big room, a kitchen, and two bathrooms with a toilet together. It’s 560 square feet big. In the countryside, this includes the stairs area, but in cities, it includes both the stairs and shared spaces.
  • There should be a counter in the kitchen.
  • Every home should have two storage spaces under the roof for keeping things like furniture.
  • The attached document shows how a 2-bedroom house with 560 square feet looks. In rural areas, bathrooms might be inside or outside the house.
  • Government officials can use funds from NREGS or Swatch Bharat to build bathrooms.

Subsidies for Stakeholder

Various benefits are available for people involved in projects, as mentioned on the official website. For example, cement is sold at a lower price of Rs 230 per bag. Also, some charges for sand are not required. The initial payment was reduced from 2.5% to 1%. Moreover, if needed nearby, fly ash is given for free, and there’s a 50% discount for farther distances. The warranty period is now one year instead of two. The cost of steel used in the project is also adjusted. Money from Swacch Bharat Mission and Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) will be used to build toilets for housing projects.

Steps to Apply Online for Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme

People who want to join the Scheme and fit the rules need to fill out a form for a house with two bedrooms. You can download it using the link or go to MeeSeva nearby to get it.

  • Complete all parts of the form.
  • Include the name of the housing program your family used before to get a home, like VAMBAY, RGK, or others.
  • Attach a small photo, and send copies of your ration card, food security card, Aadhaar card, BPL card, and ASARA pension card.
  • Apply at your local MeeSeva center or the Gram Sabha in your district.

Steps to Track Telangana Double Bedroom Housing Scheme Application Status

To see if your online house application got accepted, just do these steps:

  • To start, visit this official website  for houses
  • When you do, you’ll see the first page pop up on your screen.
  • Press the “Find Who Gets Help” button.
  • Type in your ID number or choose where you live.
  • Then pick your group.
  • You’ll see the people who are getting help on your screen.

Contact Details

For any other query related to the Telangana Double Bedroom Housing Scheme, feel free to contact at the below given details:

Contact number:  040-23225018

Email id: helpdesk.tshcl@cgg.gov.in

Friends, we’ve provided important information regarding the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme . If you’re still facing any kind of issue, you can inform us through comments. Every comment from you is valuable to us. We’ll continuously strive to solve your problem. Thank you for visiting our website https://dailyupdateshq.com/ and stay tuned for the latest updates.

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