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New Driving Licence Rules in India from 1 June 2024, No Driving Test at RTO

You don’t have to take a driving test anymore at the RTO (Regional Transport Office) under the New Driving Licence Rules in India. Getting a driver’s license in India is usually a long process involving visiting different offices and filling out lots of forms. This long and confusing process also makes it easier for people to do dishonest things, which isn’t good for road safety in India. To fix this, India has made some new rules for getting a driver’s license. Check out the article below to learn more about these new rules.

What Are New Driving Licence Rules in India ?

The Indian government’s Ministry of Road Transport and Highways changed some important rules to fix problems with the old ones. This will make it much easier for people to apply for a driver’s license.PM Yasasvi Scholarship Scheme

Benefits of New Driving License Rules in India 2024

Here are some of the main benefits of the new driving license rules in India:

  • Emphasis on the Environment: The new rules will enforce stricter emission standards for vehicles and remove nearly 900,000 old government cars from the roads to reduce pollution.
  • Tougher Penalties: Speeding fines remain between ₹ 1000 and ₹ 2000. If a minor is caught driving, there is a ₹ 25,000 fine. Additionally, the minor cannot get a license until age 25, and the car owner’s registration will be revoked.
  • Streamlined Application Procedure: The Ministry has made the paperwork for getting a new license easier. The required documents depend on whether it’s for a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, leading to fewer in-person visits to RTOs.PVC Aadhar Card Status Check Online

Key Features of New Driving Licence Rules from 01st June

Here are the main points of the new Driving License Rules in India:

  • Applicants can now take the driving test at the nearest center instead of the local RTO. Private companies approved by the government can also conduct the test.
  • Driving without a valid license now has stricter penalties, with fines between ₹1,000 and ₹2,000. If a minor is caught driving, the fine is ₹25,000, and their parents might face legal action, along with the vehicle’s registration being canceled.
  • The paperwork for getting a driver’s license has been simplified. Applicants will be informed in advance about the exact documents needed for their specific type of license.
  • The government is planning to phase out 9,000 old vehicles and improve emission standards to make roads greener.
  • The application process for a driver’s license remains the same. Applicants can apply online through the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ official website, https://parivahan.gov.in/, or they can apply in person at the local RTO.PM Modi Yojana

Objective of New Driving Licence Rules in India

Getting a driver’s license in India takes a long time because you have to visit many offices and fill out lots of forms. This complicated process encourages corruption and unnecessary bureaucracy, making roads less safe. To fix these problems, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has announced major updates to the driving rules. These updates aim to make getting a driver’s license easier and safer.

New Guidelines for Private Driving Schools

Here are the new rules for private driving schools:

  • Land Requirements: Schools need at least one acre of land (two acres for four-wheeler training).
  • Testing Facility: Schools must provide a proper place for students to take tests.
  • Trainer Qualifications: Trainers must have a high school diploma (or equivalent), five years of driving experience, and knowledge of biometrics and IT.
  • Training Duration:
    • Light Motor Vehicles (LMV): 8 hours of classroom learning and 21 hours of hands-on driving, totaling 29 hours over 4 weeks.
    • Heavy Motor Vehicles (HMV): 8 hours of classroom learning and 31 hours of hands-on driving, completed in 6 weeks.

New Driving Licence Fees and Charges

Here are the costs and fees for getting a license.

  • Issue of learner’s license (Form 3): ₹ 150
  • Learner’s license test fee (original or repeat): ₹ 50
  • Driving test fee (original or repeat): ₹ 300
  • Issue of driving license: ₹ 200
  • Issue of International Driving Permit: ₹ 1000
  • Addition of another vehicle class to license: ₹ 500
New Driving Licence Rules FAQ’s

Q1. What is the official website to apply for a New Driving Licence ?

Ans: The official website to apply for a New Driving Licence is parivahan.gov.in

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