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EWS Certificate 2024: Application Process, Eligibility & Documents

EWS Certificate 2024:

The Depressed and Economically Weak Section (EWS) is a group of people who don’t have much money. EWS helps them get homes they can afford. It’s like a special ticket for booking a place to live. The government in India has a plan for this called the 2019 EWS Certificate Application Form. The government wants to help poor people by giving them good education, money, and jobs. But to get these benefits, people need to apply for something called an “EWS Certificate” from the Indian government. Once approved, they get this certificate. In this article, we’ll talk about what the EWS Certificate is and why it’s helpful.

What is EWS Certificate 2024:

In 1950, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar added rules to India’s laws to help the weaker parts of society like SCs, STs, BCs, and EWS. This gave them a chance to show their skills and protect their rights. To qualify, people must meet certain conditions and get an EWS certificate. The President agreed to this law on January 12, 2019, and Gujarat approved it on January 14. With this certificate, qualified people can get a 10% chance for jobs and services.

To get this benefit, candidates need a valid EWS Certificate given by the right authorities. It lasts forever but needs updating. Also, an Income and Asset Certificate is needed yearly. You can find more about it by searching “Mera Ration Mera Adhikar Yojana.

Overview Of Economically Weaker Section Certificate

launched by The Central Government of India
Reservation CategoryEconomically Weaker Sections (EWS)
Certificate NameEWS Certificate
Objective10% reservation in jobs, institutions
Application Online/Offline
Certificate expiryAfter a year, it needs to be validated.
Web sitehttps://services.india.gov.in/

EWS Certificate 2024 Objectives:

The goal of EWS is to help the poorest people in the country in every way possible. Many people in our country are struggling financially, even if they don’t belong to specific groups. If someone has an EWS certificate from the government, they can get a 10% reservation benefit. To qualify, they need a certificate showing their income and property are real. With this certificate, they can access jobs, education, and other government help.

EWS Certificate Benefits:

We made a list of great benefits you’ll get with the EWS Certificate once you apply for it.

  • You can find out about your rights for different government programs.
  • If you need financial help, you can get support from the reserve.
  • All central institutions under the UGC must reserve seats for EWS students.
  • You might also qualify for discounts on programs offered by the government to help local people.

EWS Certificate Eligibility:

  • If you’re Indian and not in SC, ST, or OBC groups, and your family makes less than Rs. 8 lakh a year, you can get EWS reservation.
  • EWS is for one general group.
  • If you benefit from it, you’re counted as part of the general group.
  • Your yearly income should ideally be under Rs. 8 lakh.
  • Also, if your land for farming is less than 5 acres or your home is smaller than 1000 square feet, or your residential plot is less than 100 square yards, you might qualify.

Documents Required for Economically Weaker Section Certificate:

Here’s a simplified version:

These are the papers you need to get an EWS certificate:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • All school and college documents like report cards and degrees
  • Certificates from two Gazette officers
  • Proof of paying taxes (1551 and Income Tax Return)
  • Pictures of yourself
  • Ration card
  • Proof of where you live
  • You also need to pay a small fee at the court when you submit your application.
  • The government requires a declaration fee of Rs.10/– (GO).

How to Apply Online for EWS Certificate:

  • First, go to the main page of the AP Meeseva portal’s official website.
  • Then, click on “Revenue Department” from the options on the homepage.
  • You’ll see various services provided by the Revenue Department.
  • Select “INCOME CERTIFICATE” from the dropdown menu.
  • Fill out the application form with your name, parents’ or spouse’s names, Aadhaar number, gender, age, and date of birth.
  • Upload the required documents and proceed to the “Show Payment” page.
  • Pay the fee and click “Confirm Payment” to finish.
  • Your EWS application will be complete, and you can check its status online.

Note: The above statement is for illustration purposes only.

EWS Certificate Offline Application process:

  • First, head to your local “meeseva center” as soon as possible because that’s where you have to go to apply for EWS, and you can only do it offline.
  • Once you’re there, ask for the Advanced Placement Examination Writing Section application form from the right person.
  • Make sure you write neatly and fill out the form correctly. You should use a ballpoint pen.
  • Then, attach all the required documents we talked about earlier. Remember to sign them yourself before scanning.
  • Lastly, give the filled form to the person in charge at the meeseva center.

Economically Weaker Section Certificate New Registration:

  • First, go to the official EWS website.
  • Once there, the main page will appear.
  • Look for the option that says “New Registration” and click on it.
  • A new page will appear where you need to fill in all the required information.
  • After you’ve done that, click on the “submit” button.
  • Your new business registration is complete using this process.


Friends, we’ve provided important information regarding the EWS Certificate 2024. If you’re still facing any kind of issue, you can inform us through comments. Every comment from you is valuable to us. We’ll continuously strive to solve your problem. Thank you for visiting our website https://dailyupdateshq.com and stay tuned for the latest updates.

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