Thiranari Thervu Thittam Scheme to give ₹12,000 yearly to Students

Thiranari Thervu Thittam scheme:

Thiranari Thervu Thittam scheme: To inspire kids in government schools to explore electronic sciences jobs, Chief Minister M K Stalin introduced this plan at the opening of the Indian Institute of Technology’s (IIT-Madras) outreach program. Learn more about this program’s key points, goals, features, who can apply, what documents are needed, and how to apply.”

Thiranari Thervu Thittam Scheme 2024:

The Thiranari Thervu Thittam Scheme was launched by Tamil Nadu’s leader MK Stalin to help kids in countryside schools. It was announced during a big meeting at IIT-Madras. Each year, IIT-Madras will support 100,000 students who love electronics and want to learn more about it. They will teach and train these students in rural government schools from 9th to 12th grade. To keep them interested, students will get 1,000 rupees every month. Those picked for the program will also get 12,000 rupees each year to help with their studies after high school.

Overview Of Tamil Nadu Thiranari Thervu Thittam Scheme

Scheme NameThiranari Thervu Thittam Scheme
Initiated byGovernment of Tamil Nadu
Introduced byChief Minister M.K. Stalin
StateTamil Nadu
BeneficiaryStudents of Tamil Nadu
BenefitTo offer financial assistance for education
Monthly Stipend1000/- Rupees Per Month
Application ProcessOnline / Offline
Official Website

TN Thiranari Thervu Thittam Scheme Objective:

Chief Minister M.K. Stalin has launched a cool plan to help kids from government schools get into really good colleges. The plan’s main aim is to push kids to study more. It’s there so that kids in government schools don’t feel bad that they don’t get special attention like their friends in private schools. The government will give money to these students so they can keep studying without any problems.

Eligibility Criteria for Thiranari Thervu Thittam Scheme:

To join the Scheme, you need to meet these requirements

  • You must be from Tamil Nadu.
  • Students from far-off government schools will be given priority.
  • You should like things related to technology and electronics.
  • Even if you’re in 10th grade, you can still join Tamil Nadu’s new talent aid Scheme.

Required Documents for Scheme  :

Here are the main documents you need for the scheme:

  • Passport size Photo
  • Aadhaar Card
  • School ID Card
  • Mobile Number
  • Age Certificate
  • Bank Details

Thiranari Thervu Thittam Scheme Advantage for Kids:

1,000 lucky students from government schools will get to learn at top universities like Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, thanks to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s special plan called Thiranari Thervu Thittam.

Features and Benefits of the Tamil Nadu Thiranari Thervu Thittam Scheme:

some of the features of the scheme are:

  • The “Thiranari Thervu Thittam Scheme” in Tamil Nadu helps students.
  • The government gives money to students so they can keep studying.
  • This program wants more girls to go to college.
  • Students will have better opportunities because of this Scheme.
  • The whole state is part of this plan.
  • Students will want to join this Scheme.
  • Students who qualify will get help from the Scheme.

Application Process for Thiranari Thervu Thittam Yojana 2024  :

Tamil Nadu’s government just launched a new Scheme called the Thiranari Thervu Thittam Scheme. Even though they haven’t put up the official website yet, they promise to do it soon. Once they do, we’ll let you know!


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