Mission Shakti Loan Scheme Odisha 2024: Apply for Interest Free Loan, Eligibility

Mission Shakti Loan Scheme:

The Chief Minister of Odisha, at a big event in Bhubaneswar, started a new program called Mission Shakti Loan. This program gives women in Odisha who are part of self-help groups a loan of up to Rs. 10 lakh without any interest. There are about 70 lakh women in these groups. The program also helps women get uniforms and blazers. And, there’s a plan to repay Rs. 145 crore of interest. You can read more about this program in the article below.

Mission Shakti Loan Scheme Odisha 2024

In a big event in Bhubaneswar, the leader Naveen Patnaik launched a special plan called Mission Shakti loan. Under this plan, women can get loans without paying any extra money, up to Rs 10 lakh. They’ll also get help with clothes like blazers and uniforms. This plan will help 70 lakh women in Odisha who are part of self-help groups. Now, mothers will have more money and support to take care of their families. The self-help groups will get Rs 15,000 crore this year and Rs 75,000 crore more over the next five years.

Overview Of Mission Shakti Loan Scheme Details 

Name of the schemeMission Shakti Loan Scheme Odisha
Launched byOdisha government
Launched on27th of February 2024
Introduced atLok Seva Bhavan Convention Centre in Bhubaneswar
ObjectiveTo provide interest-free loan
BenefitsInterest-free loans up to Rs 10 lakh for SHGs in Odisha
BeneficiariesSHGs women
Official Websitehttps://missionshakti.odisha.gov.in/

Objectives of Odisha Mission Shakti Loan Scheme

Mission Shakti Maa helps women in Odisha by giving them money to start businesses. They’ve given the government Rs 8,000 crore for this. Women work with the government on projects to make Odisha better. Now, Mission Shakti Maa is famous all over India and even in other countries.

Turning groups of women who work together (SHGs) into small businesses (SMEs) is like their first step into the business world. The government set aside a big amount of money (Rs 730 crore) to help them buy things like uniforms and jackets for their new businesses. They want to open 5,000 shops where these women can sell their products over the next five years. This plan is called Mission Shakti Bazaar, and it’s meant to help these women promote and sell the things they make.

Eligibility Criteria for Odisha Mission Shakti Loan Scheme 2024

Following are the Eligibility criteria for the scheme.

  • Applicants must be permanent residents of Odisha state.
  • Only women candidates are eligible for this scheme.
  • Women must belong to SHGs.

Documents Required

Following are the documents required for the scheme

  • Applicants Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID

Benefits of Mission Shakti Loan Scheme Odisha

Here are the good things about the plan:

  • Women who help each other are going on trips to Singapore and Dubai to learn new things. The boss of the state thinks more women will travel to other countries in the future.
  • Women who used to be in groups to help each other are now working in big companies and doing their own businesses.
  • Lots of women’s groups in the state will get new clothes worth a lot of money.
  • Many women’s groups got money put into their bank accounts to help them with interest.
  • Women who help each other are now starting their own small businesses and getting into big companies.
  • A big amount of money was given to women’s groups to help them with interest over the past five years.
  • Also, lots of events will happen over the next five years to help women in the state.

Application Process of Mission Shakti Loan Scheme Odisha

Here’s how to apply for the Mission Shakti Loan Scheme:

  • Click on “apply” on the homepage.
  • Fill in all the required information on the new page.
  • Upload the documents they ask for.
  • Click “submit.”
  • Save a copy of your application as a PDF for later.


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