IGR Karnataka 2024: Stamp and Registration, EC Search, Market Value

IGR Karnataka 2024:

In India, each state has an Inspector General of Registration (IGR), and Karnataka is no exception. IGR Karnataka’s main job is to handle stamp duty and registration fees for real estate transactions. This department falls under the supervision of the Revenue Minister of Karnataka. They manage everything related to property registration, stamp duty fees, and provide information through the Kaveri Online Services Portal. If you want to know more about IGR Karnataka, such as its benefits, fees, required documents, and how to register on the igr.karnataka.gov.in Portal, keep reading.

IGR Karnataka 2024:

The government in Karnataka charges taxes on property deals and related services through a department called the Registration Inspector General (IGR). They set up a special project to make property registration easier across the state. Many states have similar online portals run by their governments. This not only speeds up the process but also brings in more money for the state. The money collected helps the state’s economy grow. On the portal, people can do things like figuring out how much registration will cost, registering their properties, and finding out the market value of properties in Karnataka.RTE Karnataka Admission 2024-25

Overview Of Karnataka Stamp and Registration

NameIGR Karnataka  
Full NameInspector General of Registration
Introduced byGovernment of Karnataka
Official Websitehttps://igr.karnataka.gov.in/english

Benefits and Features of IGR Karnataka:

Here are some important things about IGR Karnataka:

  • You can use the IGR Karnataka portal whenever you want, even from home. It helps you with things like signing documents online. There are guides available on the website to help you understand how to use it better.
  • Registering on the site is quick and easy. You just need to give your name, address, PAN number, contact details, and Aadhar number.
  • You can see how many applications have been submitted and their status on the live dashboard. If you need them, you can also easily download documents or forms from the portal, like the property registration form.

IGR Karnataka Registration Fees and Stamp Duty:

In Karnataka, when you register a property with the government, you have to pay stamp duty. The amount you pay depends on how much the property costs, usually between 2% to 5%. Additionally, there’s a registration fee, which is 1% of the property’s value. The government also adds extra charges on the stamp duty: a 10% cess and a 2% surcharge. For example, if your stamp duty is Rs 3 lakh, you’ll have to pay an extra Rs 36,000 for these charges.

Documents Required for IGR Karnataka Registration:

Here are the important papers you need to register with IGR Karnataka:

  • Aadhaar card
  • ID proof for everyone involved: the seller, the buyer, and any witnesses
  • PAN card
  • Encumbrance Certificate
  • Proof of address
  • Property card
  • Signed sale agreement by everyone involved
  • A Demand Draft (DD) for paying stamp duty, registration fees, and other costs
  • Power of Attorney

Encumbrance Certificate Fee

General Search for the First year 35 Rupees
For every other year10 Rupees

Certified Copy Fees

Copying fee for every 100 words5 Rupees
Single search fee25 Rupees
For Computer registered Docs for every page10 Rupees

Hindu Marriage Certificate Registration Fees

For every certified copy of the order of refusal to file a memorandum of marriage by the Registrar.10 Rupees
For every certified copy of the application of form VII10 Rupees
For every certified copy of the marriage memorandum and identity slip, if any10 Rupees

Steps to Register on IGR Karnataka Portal:

To sign up on the IGR Karnataka Portal, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the official IGR Karnataka official website 
  • The website’s homepage will appear.
  • Go to the Online Services section and tap on Kaveri Online Services.
  • You’ll see a login page.
  • Click on the “Register as a New User” link, and a form will open up for you to fill.
  • Sure, here’s a simplified version:
  • “First, write your name, gender, address, city, pin code, Aadhaar number, email, and phone number in the form.
  • Then, pick a security question. Next, type in the captcha code.
  • Finally, click the Register button to finish signing up.”

Steps for Pre-Registration Data Entry Process on IGR Karnataka Portal:

To register your documents on the IGR Karnataka Portal, follow these easy steps:

  • Visit  the official website of IGR Karnataka
  • Click on “Kaveri Online Services” under the “Online Services” tab.
  • Log in with your ID and password.
  • Choose “PRDE Process” and then “Document Registration.”
  • Fill out the form with details like document type, date, and number of pages.
  • Save and continue.
  • Enter property and party details like names and ages.
  • Save the information.
  • Check stamp duty and registration charges.
  • Pay fees online or at the SRO’s office.
  • Provide witness details.
  • Upload necessary documents and payment receipt.
  • Book your appointment for property registration when finished.

Steps to Calculate Registration Fees and Stamp Duty Online:

“To figure out how much you need to pay for registering something and getting a stamp online, just follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of IGR Karnataka: https://igr.karnataka.gov.in/english
  • Click on ‘Kaveri Online Services’ under the ‘Online Services’ tab.
  • Log in using your ID and password.
  • Once logged in, click on ‘Stamps Duty and Registration Fee Calculator’.
  • Choose the type of document you have, like a gift deed or sale deed.
  • Select the stamp type and hit ‘Show Details’.
  • Choose the property region type.
  • Enter the property’s market value.
  • If you haven’t figured out the property’s market value, click on ‘Calculate the Market Value’.
  • After entering the market value, click ‘Calculate’.
  • You’ll see the calculation on the screen.

Steps to Generate Challan:

To make a challan, just follow these steps:

  • Visit the IGR Karnataka website: https://igr.karnataka.gov.in/english
  • The homepage will appear.
  • Click on “Generate Challan.”
  • Fill in your name, phone number, email, etc.
  • Add payment office and purpose details.
  • Type in the captcha code.
  • Click the “Submit” button.

Steps to Get a Signed Copy of Encumbrance Certificate:

To get a signed paper that says your property is clear of any legal issues, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of IGR Karnataka at https://igr.karnataka.gov.in/english.
  • Click on “Kaveri Online Services” under the “Online Services” section.
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Choose the option for “Encumbrance Certificate.”
  • Fill out the form with details like property number, area, and district.
  • Click to send an OTP to your phone.
  • Enter the OTP you receive.
  • Check the details in the PDF that opens.
  • Submit the form and make the payment.
  • Print out the receipt for your records.
  • It might take about 10 days to process your request. You’ll get the certificate in a few days after that.

Contact Details

For any other query related to the IGR Karnataka, feel free to contact at the below-given details:

Office Address:

Sub-Registrar Corporate Office,

Ambedkar Veedhi, Sampangi Rama Nagar,

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560009

Deputy Secretary to Govt. (Land Grants & Land Reforms)

Room No. 526, 5th Floor, Gate-3, M S Building,


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